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About Kawaii.Center

At Kawaii.Center, we believe that cuteness has the power to add a touch of warmth to your heart and brighten even the gloomiest of days. We’re firm believers that everybody deserves to be as cute as they want to be, regardless of age, gender, or background. Our mission is to create a space where everyone can freely express themselves and embrace their inner cuteness unapologetically. From stylish and luxurious designs to affordable treasures, we strive to make the world of kawaii accessible to all. In a world that can sometimes feel dull, surrounding yourself with cuteness is like sprinkling glitter—spreading joy and lifting spirits wherever you go!

About the Creator

Hello! I’m Moon, a shy pretend gamer and I’m happy to welcome you to my Kawaii.Center where I make cute creations for cuties like you. Drawing cute things has always cheered me up, especially when I feel very depressed. Just seeing something cute quickly warms up my heart making my days a little bit better.

What began as simple doodles soon turned into stickers, wrist pads, huggable pillows, and cute accessories like my Nyanpura cat! I love creating these treasures because it makes me feel happy. I started to gift my friends my creations to celebrate love and friendship, to cheer their day on and as my way of giving them a bit of good luck!

You can find all my creations at Kawaii.Center. Check out my art vlogs at OurCozySpace. Come say hi to me on my cozy art streams @moonebi.make or enjoy free cute emotes on my discord server. Thank you for joining me on my little adventure and for supporting my dream! Have a happy day! ^_^